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NATURA SIBERICA produces natural and organic cosmetics enriched with herbs and active ingredients sourced from northern Russia.


Little Siberica Natural baby care from Natura Siberica. From Diaper cream to baby toothpaste trust Mother Nature to offer the best.


ORGANIC PEOPLE LINE is created for being closer to the nature. This line starts from care yourself to care you home. Thus, the idea was born to create truly natural cosmetics for people and cosmetics for household cleaning.

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All  products of ORGANIC KITCHEN are certified by ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL wich guarantees natural composition, as well as the absence of SLS, parabens and silicones.

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Doctor Konopka's family have carefully collected and kept recipes of invigorating balms, infusions and ointments based on healing herbs, and have passed those from generation to generation.

Creating formula of each product, we have done our best to provide you with gentle care and  unique experience. You will get real pleasure and perfect your beauty!

We have taken care that when choosing a product, the only choice you make is guided only by your own desire.

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