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Natural, vegan dry hair conditioner based on organic Dahurian rose hydrolate and Siberian dwarf pine extract . Deeply moisturizes, lifts and leaves the hair full of natural volume. Organic Dahurian Rose protects the hair against moisture loss and gives it a radiant shine, while providing gentle but long-lasting care and protection. Rich in amino acids, obtained by wild harvesting, Siberian Dwarf Pine gently strengthens and restores damaged hair and protects it against the negative effects of environmental factors.

Natura Siberica Nutrition and Hydration Conditioner for Dry Hair 400ml

  •  derived from organic farming
    (WH) Extracts of wild harvested Siberian herbs
    (PS) Formula based on the unique oil of Siberian pine seeds

    Volume: 400 ml
    Product status - cosmetic
    Use by date is stated on the packaging.

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