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Soft flaxseed soap has been specially formulated to delicately take care of body and hair. The unique formula, with organic flaxseed oil and white soap root, creates a gentle foam of the optimal PH balance to delicately cleanse hair and body without breaking the hydrilipide balance. Organic wheat germ oil, especially rich in Omega 3, 6 acids, squalene and vitamin E, softens and nourishes hair and skin,preventing moisture loss.Organic white bees wax gets absorbed slowly, temporarily creating a thin film which protects skin and hair.How to use:Apply a small amount of soap to body and damp hair, lather and rinse.

Natura Siberica Steklo soft Flaxseed hair&body soap, 240ml

SKU: 4744183013148
  • Organic flaxseed oil, organic wheat germ oil, organic white bees wax, wild Siberian ashberry extract, white soap root.

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